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Tips for Cleaner Laundry

Getting Rid of Most Stains

The key is to soak stains immediately. If you let it dry, it becomes permanent. Try this - When spills happen, leave the soiled article of clothing in a sink or bucket full of water with a little detergent added until you have time to treat the stain. Remember, let the item soak and then treat the stain, not the other way around.

Sort your clothes

Your clothes will get much cleaner if you separate them not just by color, but also by fabric type and water temperature. Try this - Make five separate piles for colors: whites (entirely white), light colors that include striped whites, darks (blacks, blues and browns), brights (reds, yellows and oranges) and delicates. Typically, your darks and brights should be washed in cold water and your whites and light colors can be washed in warm or hot.

Don't overload

Choosing the right size machine is critical to getting your clothes clean. Try this - Fill the washer about three-quarters of the way to the top of the drum. 

Use the right amount of soap

Using too much detergent can leave residue that make your clothes look dingy. Try this - Follow the detergent guidelines posted in the laundry. Today's high-efficiency washers require much less soap than you think. Remember that the detergent manufacturer wants you to use as much detergent as possible, so it's better to follow the machine guidelines rather than the detergent manufacturer's guidelines on the bottle/box.

Use high-efficiency liquid detergent, not powder

High-Efficiency (HE) Liquid detergent provides a much better wash and leaves clothes cleaner than powdered detergents. Try this - Our laundry provides HE liquid detergent for purchase. You can also find HE liquid detergent in most all retailers that sell laundry detergent.

Choose cold water

Warm or hot water washes tend to make colors bleed, whereas cold water washes do not. Try this - Choose a cold water cycle and save a little money. At Vacaville Laundryworks, we charge less for a cold water cycle. So you can get better results, help the environment and save some money all at the same time!


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